Friday, 27 July 2012

I Could Write a Chapter or Two

The thing about the that it's mostly written by older and fairly serious religious guys....who don't really think much on reality.  So I came to ponder over Genesis, the book.  I might have written it in a different fashion.

In the beginning....after all the dust and stuff settled....God looked down up on his work.

It wasn't enough to just have trees, waterfalls, and hailstorms.  There needed to be action and soap opera-like situations.

So God created up Adam, who was supposed to be mostly a gardener and farmer, but also did odd jobs on the side.  To blend into the action, God created Eve, who was an Amazon-like gal and lacked common sense, but this all played into the "script" that God had written up.

Various other creatures were added....from horses to border collies, onto cows, and finally....God saw reason to add cats.

To be honest, things were just slow and without any real conclusion or at some point....God added up a fancy snake-character to the garden and a get-smart apple.  After this...Adam and Eve would get into various adventures and everyday turned into a new adventure.  God was eventually pleased with his creation, and usually felt inclined to just sit back and observe mankind at work and play.  This gave God a chance to think and ponder over "what-if" situations, and occasionally add another character or whisper secret instructions to the border collie to challenge mankind.

(the picture?  The Fall of Man.  One of my favorite fancy portraits.)

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