Friday, 27 July 2012

Just a Gut Feeling on Guns

Years ago….while living in Arizona….I had in-laws come and stay a couple of weeks. One evening….around midnight….there was a ‘blast’ sound. I kinda woke up and thought it was a back-fire from a car. Twenty minutes pass, and then a knock at the door. This was Tucson and a decent neighborhood, but you generally don’t open doors after midnight. I eventually opened this and here was some cop. There was this 90 second story of sorts….but apparently, the neighbor had been cleaning his gun (go figure a guy doing this at midnight), and it’d gone off….going through his apartment wall, and impacting into the doorway area of my wall (entry-way). The cop wanted to make sure that was all that occurred, and that I hadn’t been shot or such. The in-laws are German…..and I kinda think it freaked them out a bit. I kinda accepted this and said no problem.

About every twelve months or so….I’ll spot a story in the paper over some guy who was cleaning his gun, and it goes off. Sometimes….someone gets hit. Personally, I just can’t think of a single reason why a guy would clean his weapon with bullets still in it. Cops generally always accept this comment and write into the report, but realistically…..the owner of the gun has to be a five-star idiot to make a comment like that.

The sad thing is….one day….I’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time….with a thin wall between me and some gal or guy…..who decide at midnight to clean their gun, and I’ll get hit. I’ll crawl across the wood floor and get fifty splinters across various parts of my body, somehow get the phone, and call 9-11. Maybe I’ll survive long enough for the rescue guys to come over to my apartment and tote me out to the ambulance. Then I have to hope that it’s just a light wound. Then I have to hope this is a clean hospital and I don’t get some infection from the hospital or the splinters, and eventually die from a pain-killer or some one-in-a-million infection deal.

I have this odd feeling that most folks just walk into a gun shop….spot a nice looking pistol….buy a box of ammo, and never handle the gun except for gun-play episodes in their living room. They show it off to the boy-friend or girl-friend….but truthfully, they haven’t fired the gun in their life. And they always have that odd Barney Fife-explanation for the cops…..they were cleaning the gun….when it went off. Like Andy….I’d like to respond to them that they ought to only get one bullet, and it ought to be in their shirt pocket unless there’s real trouble.

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