Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just Observations

After you watch through the Colorado news today and this shooter, you come to several observations.

First, no, he wasn't a Tea Party guy....even though ABC really hoped that he was.

Second, no, he wasn't a disgruntled Vietnam vet.  Nor was he an angry Iraq War vet.  Nor was he a crazed Afghanistan vet.

Third, no, he wasn't an NRA guy or some gun collector nut from Kentucky.  Nor was he some whacked up far left wing or far right wing nut.

Fourth, no, he wasn't rambling on about Rush Limbaugh, the health care stuff, the NCAA, or liberals.

Fifth, yes, he was this extremely bright intelligent kid with a masters degree, and apparently couldn't find work last year with that he ventured off to work on a PhD....which apparently didn't work very well.

Sixth, no, even if you did outlaw guns.....this kid was smart enough to know how to build he would have killed you by various other means.

Seventh, yeah, he probably was developing into a nut of some type of the past year or two....but what exactly would people do about it?  It's not like 1956 and you went to a judge in your county.....discussed cousin Clyde's medical medication and had him put into a state mental hospital because folks feared for their life.  Folks just won't do that today.  Everyone wants to "med" the guy up and just hope for the best.

Eighth, yeah, packing a gun might be a idea to think about.  But you'd have to be willing to put the guy down with no hesitation when he started his stupid attack.

Ninth, no, we won't be able to avoid all the media hype this weekend, and the long talk about gun control.   You might as well pull out the car wax and buff up the car.  Or you might bring your pistol collection out and just oil all the guns out on the patio.  Or you might wash your dog.  Or you could flip the TV remote over to European soccer and figure out the rules over the first half of a game (45 minutes).

Tenth and, it's not the last shooting.  I might get into trouble for saying this....but this Zimmerman character in Florida probably would have worked his way up to the punk about sixty seconds into this, and shoot the nut.  There are just need someone focused on the problem, and let them do what they probably do best.

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