Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just Observations

The Colorado shooter apparently mailed a notebook with the entire plan off to the university doctor who had seen him.  Motive?  You'd almost get the idea that he was conducting a thesis, and this was the paperwork to cover it.  I know it doesn't make much sense.....but you typically don't plan out an event like this and then write everything up in such a fashion.

For the last couple of days....I've been observing this Jackson family episode out in California.  Grandma is the official court-declared guardian over Micheal Jackson's kids.  Almost every single brother and sister of Micheal Jackson is bothered by this arrangement because Grandma isn't carving out more money for each of them.  It would appear that the Micheal Jackson's kids have figured out this entire fight, and how big the stakes are in this case.  The sad thing is that over the past three decades.....there's probably over thirty million bucks given out to the brothers and sisters....which they eagerly spent.  They've all become a comedy act....fighting over money that they probably will never have.  At the very least, someone needs to go and video-tape this whole fight because it's pure entertainment.

We've had this event occur with the local Arlington high school....the "Thomas Jefferson" (often referred to here in the local area as "TJ").  "TJ" is rated as one of the top five high schools in America.  You have to rate pretty high up in science and math get the privileged to enter this local public school.  This tends to invite parents to force their kids off to Latin, physics and biology special projects while in the seventh and eighth grades....after hopes of getting the thumbs up later to enter "TJ".    Well....some folks have taken up a complaint and are very unhappy that more black and Latino kids are not in the school.....along with kids with disabilities.  What they'd for "TJ" to dumb down the entry levels.....and just let any kid enter the school system.  Naturally, this has upset parents who have put years into their brilliant Johnny and get them to the right scores to enter "TJ".  My impression is that the state folks are shaking their head on this and would prefer this go away.  In the end, these Latino and black kids will be forced off to physics, chemistry, and Latin classes....shaking their heads because they really don't see any value to this crap.....which is mostly what the current kids in "TJ" have already said.

There's a fight going on in Pennsylvania over their voter ID law.  Course, it's the Feds fighting the state, to prevent voter from happening.  If I were a state.....I'd make a pretty simple law and list out the forty occasions (to include voting) where you need an ID.  If the Feds force you to toss voter ID.....then the other 39 occasions would be tossed as when you buy booze, register cars, and marry up.  If all these poor folks lack an ID and it makes sense not to require one.....then let's get serious and just dump all ID situations.  I'm pretty sure the Fed guys would stand there a minute and realize what we are hinting.....then quietly just walk away.

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