Saturday, 21 July 2012

Local Neighborhood

Everyone in the DC region has a Metro story.  This morning....I got up and read up on this episode that occurred Friday night and a local guy posted his "event".  Luckily, this wasn't me involved....I would have been pretty upset.

What  we have on a continual basis in a shutdown of the subway around 10PM, and buses start to carry folks around from station X to station Y, while this one-mile section of track is fixed for the whole weekend.

Well....last night....this guy and a number of folks get off at station X.  Here's the bus.  So they climb onboard.  It's about a two-mile drive for a driver to get through traffic.....going from station X to station Y.

Well....twenty minutes into this drive....some folks start to look at landmarks around them in the darkness.  Things don't make much sense because this should have been a five-minute drive at the most. So they pull out their I-Phone and run the GPS option.

They discover that they are about ten miles in the opposite direction of Station X or Y....heading north.....not south.  So this took around five minutes to get turned around, and probably closer to thirty minutes to finally pull up to the original destination of Station Y.  Roughly an hour wasted.

The funny thing that if someone hadn't done the I-Phone GPS thing, and let the guy continue on for another thirty minutes.....they would have been over the river and into Maryland, which would have gotten some folks all upset and disturbed.

That's the interesting thing about living in the DC just don't know what might happen next.

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