Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Opposite of Opposite

I sat and watched this analysis from various political dimwits after Romney gave his speech to the NAACP crowd this week.  The only significant thing that folks wanted to chat on....was the various boos that occurred at key points in the speech.  So in the aftermath of the episode....the experts wanted everyone to know that Romney did this all on gain the boos intentionally....thus getting more white uneducated people to vote for him.

I paused, ever so briefly.....trying not to laugh.  This was the best that they could generate....from the sixty seconds of analysis that they did over the whole speech.

So, let's come to an worked.  The boos convinced fourteen million racist democrats and independents at lock themselves into place for Romney.  It's done.  In fact, it's more than enough now to win the election.

Since all of this is it's back onto the focus of the NAACP to realize that they helped President Obama lose the election.  If only they had clapped and applauded.....even mildly.....they would have irked the racist crowds in America, and convinced them to vote for President Obama instead.  They could have saved the election and ensured a second term.

In the spring of 2013, the NAACP will likely meet and discuss how President Obama lost, and how their boos convinced millions to vote for Romney.  Using the logic from the dimwits on various networks to provide political analysis....they will come to decide that the new NAACP policy will be to applaud Republican candidates, and boo Democratic candidates.

Yes, this can only happen in America.

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