Monday, 30 July 2012

Our NewsWeak Folks

Course, I won't buy it....but this is the cover for this week's NewsWeak production.

Some folks would observe and ask why it is....that NewsWeak is folding up at the end of 2012.  Some folks would ask how they were existing off negative profit (losses for the normal mortal).  Some would ask who even reads NewsWeak except folks at dental or doctor offices.  And some would even ask if there was another issue for next week....entitled "The Dimwit Factor" which involved President Obama.

I hate to suggest this.....but I'd almost put the NewsWeak folks into the National Enquirer category.  It sits on the shelf at the grocery, but hardly anyone is seen picking it up.  The story lines on the front?  It's always something to make you want to read a paragraph, then realize it's mostly a non-story story.  That means that they waste 8k words on some article, which is mostly written by some outside source to make news, but it just isn't real news.

Third-world journalism?  Stuff you'd expect out of Paraguay?  The best that a guy making $100k a year for NewsWeak can do?  Worthy material?

Wimps don't walk into the business sector and make wise decisions....they avoid risks and take marginal profits at best.  Wimps stay out of investment situations and never gamble on anything.  Wimps don't take jobs that require decision-making skills.  Wimps would never take the job of Olympic boss, and deliver.  Wimps wouldn't walk into a debate with Ron Paul, Newt, or Senator Rick.  Wimps would buy into a bankrupt magazine and hustle it through a hefty loss for the year....but we won't suggest what magazine that would be.

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