Sunday, 29 July 2012

That Little Drug Issue

Today, after running over most regular news....I caught this glimpse of an odd thing in Colorado....over the shooter kid.  He actually was seeing a mental health doctor on the campus....while doing his student activities.  Well...this doctor....came around about seven years ago and got into a small bit of trouble....prescribing drugs for herself, her husband and a employee under her.  The drugs?  Well....Vicodin, Xanax, Lorazepam and Ambien.

So you look over these four drugs.  All four....if taken past normal accepted levels....create problems.....some to the extreme.

A guy could sit and ponder over this.  A kid comes along with some small mental issues and meet up with the right mental health doctor, who likes the use of drugs in treating people.  The kid already takes some drugs....but the new doctor tosses out a prescription or two, and the kid combines the drugs.  Because this is a university type clinic and it's run on the best, I'd guess the kid might visit the doctor for a face-to-face maybe once a month.

You take a kid....pump him up on Vicodin or Ambien....say double or triple the normal daily dose.  Then he watches some Batman movie fifteen times a week.  He goes to class....does minimal work, and retreats to his apartment to refocus on his Batman theme.  It only take six to eight months of this to create a mess out of nothing.

The odds of doctor serving time?  The prescription count will be the magic moment.  I'd doubt that she'd get more than two years in prison if she did prescribe beyond the norm.  The kid?  He might be lucky and just get life in a mental institute....claiming he was insane at the time.

Guns being an issue?  Well....this takes the mess to a new prospective.  How many doped up folks are walking the streets of America....on Ambien or Vicodin or Xanax?  You'd hope they just watch CSP*N, Gomer Pyle, or the Food Network.  But the truth just don't know.

And the last item to ponder? health care is coming for a bunch of folks.  Free drugs will be part of the deal.  If you confessed to some mental health doctor of some could drug-up and get some great prescriptions....maybe more than what you'd need.  Your only hope is that a doctor is kinda anti-drug and finds some natural ways to fix your issue.

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