Thursday, 26 July 2012

The End of Newsweak

It came out yesterday via the owner of NewsWeak....that they will halt the paper production of the weekly news magazine in the next couple of months.  My bet would be the week after the election will be the target point.

What they admit in public....after seventy-nine years of that they are on-track to lose around twenty-two million bucks this year.  They simply can't find any subscription base and enough keep the magazine afloat.  On the other side of the coin.....they do state that they will keep it going via a digital means.....which typically means you pay $20 a year, get a password, and download a copy via the internet.

What happened to NewsWeak?  At some point in the 1990s, it became a political tool of sorts.  As they fell more to the liberal side of politics.....they lost subscriptions.  Frankly, they didn't care.  They figured they'd always have enough readers, and life would go on.  Within the last ten was apparent that readers were leaving in droves.....and things were working out.  A normal business would have circled the wagons, hired a new staff, and gone mostly to neutral reporting.  NewsWeak couldn't do that.

Added to this problem is a new society that wants more personalized news.  Via the can achieve that.  NewsWeak couldn't drift off and talk NCAA football, banking practices in Brazil, or identify the best ribs in Kansas City.  They had a limit.

It'll be a curious end to the magazine.  Could have been.....would have been....but it doesn't matter now.

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