Friday, 27 July 2012

The Gun Comment

Somewhere today….in the early morning hours….the President came out and made a four-star talking bullet about AK-47 automatic rifles….."belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities."

I looked over the comment. Out of the normal 120 deaths in the District of Columbia each year….an area of six by six miles….almost none of the deaths of the past 2.5 years had anything to do with AK-47s or automatic rifles. From most of the last 500 killings in Chicago….I’m taking a pretty guess here….but I’m fairly confident that ninety-nine percent of them had nothing to do with automatic rifles or AK-47s.

You could outlaw AK-47s tomorrow across America, and there would still be 50k of them probably kept in private residences or in the hands of criminals. Folks wouldn’t voluntarily turn them over, and to be honest….it probably wouldn’t be the gun of choice for ninety-eight percent of the public.

So it’s a grand speech and a decent TV comment….but frankly, it’s worthless. Course, in Mexico….it might be worth discussing….especially if you could outlaw the US ATF guys from running Fast and Furious operations across the border and selling automatic weapons to various drug cartels.

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