Monday, 23 July 2012

To Put It Into Prospective

It won't be discussed much in the news....mostly because the news guys can't grasp or understand the details....but the Colorado shooter kid had this nifty degree program that he was working with....over the past year.  He was one of the three kids on the PhD program, who was working on a special project.

The US government was given a chance to fund, which they eagerly jumped into, a university project where the effects of PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder) could be taken and possibly modified.  With a significant number of GI's coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan...with PTSD, it's been on the government's plate to find a way to manage disorder.

If you had'd be open to conduct violent actions, harm individuals with little to no logic, and be able to toss human behavior that you'd accepted as normal.

If you look at the Colorado shooter....he displays PTSD.  One might come to a logical conclusion that somewhere in the lab efforts with various drug applications.....he might have dosed himself on an occasion, and gotten some results that you weren't getting PTSD when you didn't have it.

I doubt if the university or the lab want any review of what was going on within their spaces.  The prosecutor will just note all the evidence existing and prosecute the case "as is".  Maybe none of this really matters.  But it's just odd that you had a unique lab project over PTSD, and this one kid was a member of the lab team.

Maybe a dose of drug "X", and watching the Batman/Joker movie that same evening....did the job.  You just don't know.

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