Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The War Memorial Photo

Over the weekend here in DC....someone was standing at the right point of a DC war memorial, and there was this scene which they could not avoid taking a photo.  In the midst of the memorial....was an Air Force guy (in uniform), kissing a young lady.  The photographer felt that the young lady had been proposed to and this was this "magical moment".

Well....the photo has gripped the entire city and folks want to know the whole story, and the identity of the guy and gal.

I've looked over the photo, and question the proposal idea.  It just might be that the guy did a five-star date sequence and just decided to kiss the gal, in hopes that she responded.  Or it could be the good-bye kiss and he's off to Afghanistan for a year.  The thing is....you just don't know.

So sitting at some desk....probably in the Pentagon....is this Air Force officer who folks are looking at and asking if he might be the guy in the picture.  If it was me.....I might keep my mouth shut and just hope that this all simmers overs by the weekend.

With the way that things go....there will be an entire movie made over this one photo.

Update:  Well....the guy came forward....a Air Force Lt Col, and admitted that he and his lady were the two.  They had already been engaged for two weeks, and were just hunting down a spot for their wedding ceremony.  He didn't want any mention of things....preferring privacy.  So now....life can go on.

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