Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Yellow Jacket

So for $125, you can buy this I-Phone case (a covering) that has these two unique features.

First, it acts as a 650,000-volt taser.  It surrounds your I-Phone, and when you hit the little button....you stun the heck out of the person attacking you.

Second, it has this back-up power deal....roughly twenty hours of power available for the I-Phone user.....if were willing to give up on the power taser capability and just use it as back-up power only.

So a guy looks at a gadget like this.  Handy, very easy to operate, and simple.  You can imagine Doug sitting back in the office.....taking a personal call on his I-Phone, and happens to hit the right button and throws 650k volts of power into himself.....laying him on the floor.  Mary, Joe and Hank walk in....seeing Doug dazed....and remove most of his clothing.  When Doug finally comes around ten minutes later....he's asking himself how he came to be there with just his underwear on.

To be honest, I just see the Yellow Jacket as being an awesome power to have, but highly dangerous and likely to be misused.  An upset wife, an angry secretary, or a revengeful girlfriend could all play into the misuse.  Heck, even your dog might go and pick up your I-Phone while it rings, and hand it to you the wrong way.....zapping you.

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