Friday, 10 August 2012

A Moment about Isolation

Somewhere, about 500 miles east of Moscow, in the middle of nowhere, in some village.....the cops came to figure out that a cult existed with around 70 folks.  It appears that the Grand Mullah or whatever he wanted to refer to himself as.....had advised everyone about a decade ago to go "underground", so the entire group had been in this underground-like shelter for the past ten years.  Some of the kids....twenty-seven of them....had never seen sunlight.

Naturally, a guy from Bama would ask how you'd survive without any incoming food.  Well....that's the funny thing about the Mullah's rules, there were always a couple of trusted guys (we'd call them deacons probably), who had permission to leave the underground shelter, buy stuff, and return.

The Mullah guy had gone on and on about staying within the group and staying safe while in this underground bunker.  Course, no one ever asked why.

The cops finally decided enough was enough.  Social laws were pulled out.  The kids have been carted off to the local social office, and I'm guessing they won't be returning.  The adults?  Well....I'm guessing they will be medically checked out, and some local cop will try to talk some sense into them before releasing them.  Yeah, they might just go back to the bunker.

Usually, when a religious group resorts to isolation of its's a pretty good indication that they are way out there and the only way to keep the few members they to isolate them and keep them "pure".  It's hard to imagine going underground for months or years, but I guess if you believe in something bad's all acceptable in the end.

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