Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Summer Bar-B-Q Memory

About ten years ago....I went on a summer vacation to Denmark....a two week trip which I kind of planned to some degree, but the amount of charcoal lighter and charcoal that I brought along....were not enough.

So I went downtown to the local village, and searched through the Danish options for charcoal lighter.  Frankly, there's not much to chose from, and it was a clear plastic container, like the one you see in this picture.

I came back to the vacation house, which had a nice grill out back, and laid out the charcoals.  Then I doused the charcoal with what a typical American would spray.  It was least in my humble opinion.

It took forever for the fire to catch onto the charcoals, which I found kinda strange.

Then, it burned.  And burned. And burned. And burned. And burned. And burned.

Ten minutes into was still a rich hot fire burning away, and I was kinda wondering when it would die off.

So it kept burning.  By twelve minutes, the charcoals were a ash-like color.  By fifteen minutes, I was trying to spray a little water over them but even that would not put out the fire.

To make a long story twenty fire was dead, and the charcoals had nothing much left for heat.  The intensity of the fire and the harsh nature of this combustible substance....made wonder what the heck was in this.

So I emptied the grill, laid out another thirty charcoals, and used maybe half-a-shot of this jet-fuel-like substance.  The fire did finally go out around nine minutes and these charcoals were burning awful hot.  The steak cooked up well.

From this container that I probably lasted me eighteen months. I never used more than half-a-shot of this stuff, and always wondered what the heck they put into the stuff.

Of all the bar-b-q's I've ever done....this was the weirdest and most unusual.  A guy in Bama could have poured the whole bottle over a tree stump, and I guarantee the fire would have kept going for twenty-four hours and likely burned the tree stump to a crisp.

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