Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Army Vet

For the last day or two....I've followed this shooting episode up in the Milwaukee area.  It was a moment of interest when they came out and said this guy was a Army vet.....but then you start to piece together his history, and I questioned the Army vet status.

This guy came into the US Army in the early 1990s, and spent roughly five years in the military before leaving.  The Army has made a hinted comment that he had some "issues" and leaves it at that.  He was out at least two years before 9-11.  So you add up the numbers and he barely spent five years in, and he's been out at least fifteen years.

Army vet?  Well.....if you use that measurement, then some kid who comes into the Army and spends six days in boot-camp before getting kicked out.....does something stupid twenty years later, and he gets mentioned as a Army vet.....for those lousy six day of boot-camp.  It's not a real status thing.

For this guy?  I'm guessing for the five years that he was in....he probably had a problem with minorities and likely got himself into a few stupid arguments.  I'd also make a bet that he had personality issues and was likely a bit of a nut.

As for the Sikhs?  If you had to pick some ethnic group to move into your neighborhood....these guys would be in my top three choices.  It's hard to find a unfriendly Sikh.    They respect other cultures.  They are fairly resourceful.  And you won't find any episodes where some Sikh has targeted an American.

In the end here, you had another nut, who probably should have been locked up in some mental facility.  Oh, and he was a Army vet.......a long, long, long time ago.

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