Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bama in the News

Yesterday....out in the neighborhoods of suburban Huntsville....the cops got called out to a house.

Over the past couple of days....there was this gal who had been acting strangely.  At some point, she'd taken some saltine crackers and walked out to some tree in the yard.....dropping the saltines, and then poured kool-aid over the top of them.  A ceremony? tend to think that.  Folks in Bama don't normally do things like this.

After that episode....this older gal (55 years old) introduced herself as an "incubus from Egypt".  Course, folks in Bama don't tend to meet many folks from Egypt.  I would imagine that they kinda stood there for a minute or so.....wondering if they ought to welcome this Egyptian over to the front porch and offer up cookies and ice tea.

Now, the thing about the introduction is this term of "incubus".  If you pulled out the old history find that a incubus was actually a lewd male demon who was supposed to take possession of normal regular mortal women.  Yeah, a myth of sorts.  It was the Egyptian method of associating slutty or lusty women with some demon explain things around the neighborhood.

Naturally, you'd come to realize the meaning, and that'd dissolve away any chance of you inviting the Egyptian gal to your front door or the front porch.

Somewhere on Saturday....a relative of this gal had called up the cops and tried to make them understand that this woman had stopped taking her medication.  My guess is that she'd stopped well over a week ago.  Some cops were sent over, and noted this woman walking around with a pistol.  They kindly asked her to put the gun down, but she turned to walk toward them with the a threatening manner.  So they shot and killed her.

The police department put the guys on paid leave until this is sorted out, but my hunch is that four weeks from now....they will agree that there was nothing much they could have done.

Neighbors will sit there for years.....repeating this amazement that someone was that bad off and had a gun around.  Then they will discuss this incubus story, with various theories that she was actually possessed and should have had a Catholic cleansing or Baptist intervention deal.  I imagine that relatives will just say that she ought to have been in a permanent facility, under a controlled environment.

I know that folks will say that Bama has an unfair share of crazy folks.  Sometimes, I will agree but then put it in the better context that we have a large significant number of eccentric folks, who generally aren't dangerous.  To be honest in Bama is a bit more interesting with the eccentric folks.  I kinda doubt that you'd find any enthusiasm to lock them away because they tend to make life a bit more entertaining.

So, if you are sitting around on the porch, and the local gal next door comes up to note something about'd be best to keep your distance.  This demon business just goes up a notch or two in the direction beyond just being plain eccentric.  Just some humble advice.

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