Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CNNwood, Coming Soon

It's an odd report.  The New York Post is reporting that CNN has sent it's network team out to Hollywood.  They are apparently seeking reality show ideas and Hollywood types who'd be willing to appear fairly often.  No one is saying much about where this leads to. I'm taking a pretty good guess that the marginal profit margin has them thinking of taking their news section and gutting half of it.  You'd end up with eight to twelve hours a day.....of entertainment news.

How would this work?  Well....you'd have live-crews chasing around ambulances in Hollywood to cut over live to a report of some half-wit Hollywood player who got into a fight.  You'd have Hollywood drug and alcohol reports that somehow run for sixty minutes out of everyday.  You'd have French models, German soccer players, and Japanese TV stars that start to appear as "news" on a daily basis.

Some Hollywood character would come on and have a semi-reality show where they send four overweight and washed-up ex-stars out on a physical and mental rehab effort, for thirty days at a time.  You could have a reality show where five TV stars bring their pets and get training experience from Doctor Jimmy.

I'm guessing that Ted Turner is probably in great disagreement about this direction.  I'm also guessing that a fair number of CNN viewers will be hostile to seeing eight hours a day of real news being cut out.  The truth here is that they can only financially survive.....if they change into something else.  They can't possibly blend themselves into Fox News-like vehicle, and there's just not much left except letting Hollywood sleep with them on a nightly basis.  The positive here.....you get to keep filtering out various liberal causes when necessary and feeling good about the network surviving.

Will viewers stay?  Will viewers be attracted?  Well....that's another issue.  Most folks can stand about thirty to sixty minutes a day of Hollywood-type news.  It's fairly fake and to be honest.....you can only accept about half the stuff they say about Brittney Spears, the Kardishians, or Jennifer Lopez.  Could you handle more than an hour a day?  My humble guess is no.

This direction change will last two years and mark a major failure for CNN.  Where they go from that point.....it's only a guess.  Kinda of a sad way to fix your failures.....turning to Hollywood.

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