Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Democracy in America

Out in Tennessee, we've got this odd political episode unfolding.  They have a senatorial election coming up.  They had the Democratic primary, and this unknown character....Mark Clayton wins.  The state Democratic Party of Tennessee wakes up, and then admits that this Clayton guy.....is not one of them.

As days go by, the Democratic Party even goes to the extent of saying that the only way that Clayton won on the primary.....was by having his name first on the list of candidates of the ballot.

This kinda brings up this odd suggestion that if you have a race where no one is really known.....that the mass bulk of the population hasn't seen any of the candidates on TV or read anything in the newspapers.....then they go to the first candidate on the list and just automatically vote for the guy.

Twenty years ago.....I would have laughed at this suggestion. Today?  I'm of the belief that this is possible.  If your name is Adam Adams.....you just might have a better chance of winning an election than Tom Winslow.

Which brings me to the concept of democracy.  When the Greeks sat down and invented this democracy idea....they really couldn't speak to an election where a voter admits he doesn't know either candidate.  There has to be some odd coin-flip which eventually occurs and you pick the guy you will cast your vote for.  I'm sure the Greeks would be shocked over this simplicity and comment on the forty-four ways that a voter should take note of his vote and always be careful with the use of the vote.  Frankly, I don't believe the Greeks would last a minute in 2012 if you brought up the American version of voting.

So if you were thinking about some run for state senator or county commission....and your name was Marty Owens....statistically, things just aren't in your favor.  Just something to consider.

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