Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just Observations

First, there's a group of black ministers who have come out in a national message....mostly against President Obama and the gay marriage business.  What they hint that the Democratic message....the NAACP message....and the President's message....won't sell to their religious groups.  Does it really matter?  If they convince one out of ten black voters who voted for Obama in 2008 to just stay home or vote for someone's a pretty serious pain for the Obama crew to make up those votes.  The curious thing is that most gay voters were going to vote for Obama no matter there's a question over why he or the NAACP had to go in this direction.  I'd be thinking that cash campaign funding was a big deal this time around.

Second, there's this Egyptian TV station starting up....with women only.  The catch is.....they will all wear vails.  So you can imagine the nightly news coming on....with this Tom Brokaw Egyptian-gal.....wearing a vail.  Later, a female Egyptian-gal will cover the weather.....wearing a vail.  Then sports talk, with some Egyptian-gal.....wearing a vail.  Just an opinion....but an oddity like this could catch on in the US, and guys in Dothan might prefer a vailed local newscast....over the regular newscast.

Third, not that it really matters....but the Obama campaign crew says the Mitt trip to the UK, Poland and Israel....was a "disaster".  Note, the folks in Israel are still waiting on the President's first visit to their country.

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