Sunday, 19 August 2012

Just Observations

First, it's a curious thing....the Israeli government came out and suggested that during this period of crisis with the Iranians...this ought to be a great time for President Obama to visit Israel. It might make some sense, but it's a curious thing....because in four years and various countries visited....President Obama has never been to Israel.  You'd almost think he had a personal reason not to visit, but it'd be best not to suggest that.  The odds of this happening before the election?  Zero.  The odds after the election?  I'd probably put this at ten percent.

Second, there's a odd report of a Russian submarine that ran a patrol around the Gulf of Mexico.  The Pentagon?  They mostly say nothing over the episode....never confirming or denying.  It's gotten enough press in Texas papers that some Republican Senator is now asking questions and wants a public explanation.  The odds of the event?  Fifty-fifty.  What would they do?  It's hard to say....there's almost no value to a patrol.  Six Russian KGB guys could fly into a forty-foot fishing boat and gather all the intelligence you needed over four weeks, while getting a tan and enjoying some great fishing.   My humble guess is that Putin probably wanted to put a bit of 'pain' into President Obama before the election coming up.  It's hard to stand up in front of a bunch of Texans and explain why the Russians are off your coast and what you intend to do about it.  Oh, and if you noticed....the national press has said almost you'd have to read Texas papers to discover this story.

Third, this Medicare discussion by Romney/Ryan?  Out of twenty subjects you could pick, which the President wouldn't expect....this is it.  If Ryan can come out with a simplistic discussion which senior citizens (especially in Florida) can understand....he steals votes from the heart of Obama's base.  The President now has to craft a very simplistic comeback to this whole comeback that makes sense.  Just a good speech now....won't work.  You can figure there are two million votes in the position of falling back over to Romney from this episode if it works....from nation-wide voting strictly over Medicare.

Fourth, you may have heard....Jay Leno's staff was cut down over the last day or two....twenty folks let go.  Jay even took a fair-sized pay cut to keep another twenty guys on the team.  The truth here?  Folks aren't watching Jay Leno as much as they did ten years ago.  NBC might have thought about this before bringing Jay back....but they probably weren't listening to logic.  My humble guess is that Jay Leno will stay around until spring of next year while they hunt down the next replacement for him.

Fifth, the Julian Assange episode in the UK continues.  Ecuador is patiently waiting this out and thinks that logic will eventually work in the end.  This asylum deal?  Usually, you demand asylum over trumped up charges or the potential for death if you are forced to return to your country.  In this case....Assange is fixed to stand trial in Sweden for some sexual charges against two Swedish women.  The worst that can come out of this case is two years (my humble belief) in a Swedish prison.....which is like a Motel-Six operation and not really a prison in the sense of the word.  So it's difficult for me to envision asylum. As for the next step?  I think the Swedes out to show up outside of the Ecuador embassy in London and offer Assange an asylum deal as well.....if he just comes over and does the court case....does the jail time....they'd offer up a chance for him to stay for the rest of his life in Sweden.  This would be the dream of ninety-nine percent of all guys, but I'm guessing that Julian will turn this deal down.  It'd make for great comic relief though.

Sixth, and final.....this happened across the river from Montgomery County, Maryland.  A guy gets into a cab...arrive at a destination, and the passenger demands to rob the cab.  The cab driver refuses, and gets whacked on the head (don't know what the idiot used).  Cab driver is holding his the idiot passenger now pulls out some flammable liquid....trying to douse the driver, but gets most all of the liquid on himself.  Thinking that the cab driver is soaked up....the idiot robber now lights a lighter, and the interior of the vehicle....and the robber....are now lit up.  The cab driver simply scoots out of the vehicle and watches the car go up in flames.  Course, the cops and fire department arrive within five minutes, but it's too late now.  The robber?  Dead.  It appears like that they may have some issues in ever identifying the body as well.

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