Sunday, 19 August 2012

Just Observations

First, not that it makes much sense, but the White House came out and offered up $470 million for road and bridge repairs. Now, to be honest…’s leftover money from highway funds that states just didn’t take advantage of or such. The comical side of this is that it’s only $470 million. You can figure just twelve bridge projects and forty street projects of a small nature….will soak up the $470 million. It’s like offering some kids $2 for a bucket of candy, and they come back with six small pieces in their hand.  The $470 million sounds like a lot but if you figure bridge projects or two-mile road's gone in sixty seconds.

Second, there’s a weather service which has come out in the DC area and predicted a repeat of Snowmogeddon in the upcoming winter months. This is the local term for the blizzard of 2010 that occurred in the DC region. Within a period of three weeks, there was approximately four feet of snow to fall….and for roughly ten days….nothing in the DC area really moved or operated. The trigger for the alert? Well….they say the warmer-than-usual weather is a big indicator. There are guys probably in the planning stages of sneaking off to Atlantic City and just hiding out for seven days during the blizzard because of the number of people that will be ordered to stay home in the DC area (yet still get paid).

Third and final, the administration is trying awful hard to say that VP Joe Biden will be the next VP.  Time is going down the tubes to replace him....almost two weeks.  My humble opinion since summer of last year is that VP Joe would be let go and Hillary would resign as Secretary of State to run as VP.  In the past month, that "dream-ticket" appears to be lost in the twilight zone.  It'd help the President's race, but there's a number of folks who likely are turned off by the election and probably not feeling great about running.

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