Friday, 3 August 2012

Just Observations

A bunch of German scientists got around to drilling in the South Pole.  So, what they end up finding at some point....are the remains of palm trees.  What they that there was a tropical paradise there around fifty-two million years ago.  There are several issues to this idea...namely how warm was the Earth at that point, and what triggered it to change.  For an environmentalist, it drags out a question in what is the "norm", if palm trees did exist at the South Pole?  Some folks would say not to worry about's way beyond the acceptable pattern.  A historian would say that history tends to repeat itself.....sooner or later.  So maybe global warming is ok (maybe).

The Oprah Channel signed up La Toya Jackson for a reality show in 2013.  Just a prediction, but I'm guessing that it doesn't survive more than seven shows before cancellation.  Back in the 1980s....there might have been interest in one of the Jacksons in some reality series, but today?

Local cops up in Vermont went out and upset one of the locals with an arrest.  The local guy....a farmer....returned with his tractor and basically crushed every car in the police inventory.  In fact, they are fairly sure that the radar guns inside are busted.....the rifles are broke and unusable....and the radios will never work again.  $300k worth of damage.  The amusing part to this story....after he'd done the damage with his tractor.....he just drove away, because they had nothing to chase him with.

Finally, some political folks from both parties are now concerned about the number of people who are trailing, stalking and video-taping political figures now on a minute-by-minute basis.  The heat is on.....with people worried that various little issues might be caught on camera, or people might be fearful to meet any political figure in public because of cameras capturing the moment.  We've moved to a point where reality TV.....scares politicians.  Stopping this?  I'm not sure you can.   

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