Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Debate Questions

If I Had Ten Questions for the President’s Debate:

First, if you had three things to do and create a better jobs market for America….what would you do?

Second, if Congress wrote all this tax code, enabling a guy to make a million dollars but pay no taxes….how would you change it, or would you change it, or could you change it?

Third, if neither party can work out compromises in both the House and Senate….what’s the answer?

Fourth, is it Presidential to appear on nightly entertainment TV shows?

Fifth, are all Americans equal in creation?

Sixth, which matters the most….good five-star fried chicken or the social values of a chicken franchise?

Seventh, do you have any real opinion on the designated hitter rule in baseball?

Eighth, if you had to go out and borrow another eight billion from China tomorrow… help finance US government operations….would you have any ill feelings?

Ninth, if you taxed the heck out of every American corporation and millionaire….like eighty-eight percent, and still didn’t have enough money to run the government…..who would you tax next?

Tenth and final, is blame a good way of connecting to people and helping to making make folks happy?

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