Monday, 13 August 2012

My Monday

For the first time in thirty-five years....I called in sick today....but to be honest....I wasn't really sick.  Call it a wellness day or just a off-day.....but I took the day off.  I spent the morning and afternoon watching two movies: The Campaign, and Dark Knight Rises.

So a movie review on The Campaign.  It's a comic piece going for about ninety minutes.  The first forty-five minutes are pretty interesting and worth watching....almost every dynamic of southern politics is actually played out.....Jesus, NASCAR and hunting.  The last fifteen minutes?  I'd give it one-star.  If you have nothing much to do on an afternoon....with no high expectations....go watch The Campaign.  Oh, and I should tell you....the Republican guy wins.

Next to the Batman movie.....Dark Knight Rises.  It's around 160 minutes, so you'd best hit the bathroom on the way in....because once it starts, you really don't want to leave for three minutes.  It is that kind of movie, with twists and turns.

There are three observations I will make about Dark Knight Rises. come to realize the bad guys really do seem to try to explain they aren't bad, and that they really are working for the interests of the "people".  It's never clear what people, but you keep getting this hints that the people at the bottom of the classes really need some level playing field.

Second, by the end of the movie, you come to realize that the people at the bottom of the classes....were simply pawns in a bigger game.  They were used, over and over.  When it was time.....this evil Brain character just tossed everyone under the bus, with no real hurt feelings over that.

Third, there is this scene where Gotham City has been taken over by Bain's revolution, and all the houses of the rich folks have been absorbed by the regular people of the city.  So this gal makes a comment: “This was once somebody’s house, but now it’s everyone's house!”  The house is trashed and completely gutted of anything livable.  No one will ever live in that house again.  It was a lesson in Soviet Marxism.....on a scale of one to ten.....a pure ten.

Worth watching?  Yeah, by one thousand percent.  You don't want to skip out of the last twenty minutes of the movie.  Oh, and that Robin character.....well....there's this slight hint of him in the next feature....if they do one.

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