Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Neighborhood

This actually happened up the street from my place....about six blocks away, here in Arlington, VA.  Around 3AM the other guy walks into a 7-11, and intends to rob the place.  We don't have many robberies around Arlington....especially like this.  There's maybe one every three or four weeks for the whole country area.

About a minute into this robbery....a second guy (an associate of guy number one) enters the 7-11 with a fire cracker (maybe a Roman Candle-type situation), with a lit item.  My guess is that guy number one was supposed to have the money in his hands by this point and then guy number two would light the fire cracker in the store, and quickly exit. the idiot entered with the firecracker and a lit item.....the firecracker is lit up and actually blows up in the hand of guy number two.

At this point, all hell has broke loose, and both guys get pretty peppy, and exit the store without any loot.   Cops have not found them, but I'm guessing the second guy has some injuries to his hand and it ain't pretty.

With my vast experience of fireworks in Bama....I'd offer up this advice.  It's best not to hold any firecracker and attempt to light it with the second hand.  Nothing good of this can come.

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