Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Neighborhood

There's a nifty thing about living in the DC area....the Metro tends to shut down at midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and for Friday &'s shut down at 3AM.

Well...the Washington Nationals (our baseball team which was formerly the Montreal Expos)....are in the position of perhaps go to the championship round.  There's around thirty games left in the season.....but folks here in the local area are getting excited.  They are also beginning to realize the implications.

The TV crowd kinda runs the game times once you get into the championships.  So they can dictate the game start locally at 9PM.  Normally, around two and half hours ends, and folks would get on the Metro and go home...just in time.

What if the game runs late?  Extra innings?  Maybe a rain-storm?  Come midnight....Metro would be shut down....unless somebody pays the Metro folks around $50k to run their operation on a later schedule (overtime and such).  The owner of the Nationals realizes the implications and has come back to the city now with some requests.

First, he's worried about this Metro deal and the problems with a game going past midnight.  So he wants the city of DC to pay the $50k....not him.  The city?  They have kept quiet on this.  They know there's millions that the city might take in with folks traveling in to watch the game.  But swearing to cough up potentially $100k for two night of extra train's not that easy.

Second, the team wants more security.  The city would have to pay overtime for that.

Third, the team wants more emphasis on scalpers, so figure two dozen undercover guys running around. More overtime for that.

For the first time in seventy years....there might be baseball championship games in DC.  The sad truth is that it might turn into a huge mess.  You just can't tell.

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