Thursday, 16 August 2012

That Julian Dimwit

Ecuador finally stood up and issued out an asylum deal to the WikiLeaks guy….Julian Assange. This means Julian walks out of the embassy in London….boards a plane to Ecuador….and for the rest of his life….he kinda has to stay in three or four South American countries which have no extradition treaty with the UK or Sweden.

Well....if the UK agreed that it would allow safe passage out of England. And they just plain said today....they absolutely will not allow such passage.

It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle like this. You volunteer to put yourself in a third-world country….which has no real technology base. You have no real friends in Ecuador. You don’t have any reputation or knowledge of Ecuador. You have never even been to Ecuador. You can’t travel to any “real” country from this point on.

What happens now? I'm guessing that Julian will stay on in the Ecuadorian embassy for months and months, and months. I went back to read up on Julian. The guy never had a father in the house....he more or less was this intellectual kid whose mother continually told him not to trust the government. There are various episodes where he got into trouble, and then talked the authorities into letting him go. For all of this stupid and dumb stuff that he's done in life.....he's never spent a day in jail or prison.

In the south, we have this expression....."man-up".  It means when you've done something pretty come to a point where you admit the months or years in jail and just go on in life.  Julian's answer is.....I just don't have to go to prison....there's always a plan "B" solution to avoid jail.

There’s something wrong with the logic of Julian Assange, if you ask me. If you’ve done something stupid… he apparently has…..just fess up and take the simple consequences. It’s not like you transported drugs via Turkey, or sneaked illegal’s across the US border, or ran a meth lab in Mobile.

Yeah, he just might end up living the rest of his life in some Ecuadoran-building in London.....watching British news each day, and accepting the fact that each phone call is monitored.  The cops know you want to sneak out and they've got six guys always waiting for this rainy evening when things might work out.  It's a pretty sad life.....if you ask me.

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