Friday, 3 August 2012

The Chick-Fil-A Story

A couple of days ago....out in Tucson, with the Chick-Fil-A business running full-steam across the nation....some dimwit who was the chief finance officer of a medical manufacturing company (I won’t even bother mentioning his name or the company’s name)....came up to do some insult-the-Chick-Fil-A business video. He basically drove up and spent around two minutes insulting the young lady at the window....then loaded the clip on You-Tube.

It’s an interesting thing....he then discovers that the vast majority of people really came up angry with his tactics and behavior....real angry.

Well....a couple of days pass, and the CEO of this company has some problems. I’m guessing clients have called and they have freaked out that the chief finance officer of this company is some nut-job who goes around insulting young ladies. 

So yesterday, you can imagine this meeting. The CEO is a bit tense. He starts off with the weather in Tucson....which is always hot in August. Then he kinda mentions this whole insult-the-Chief-Fil-A gal video. The finance officer kinda hints that he didn’t mean to insult the lady, but the company. Then the CEO says that you kinda need to demonstrate common sense as a major executive of his company. If you got no common sense, you got no reason to work for them. So to make things are relieved as of this afternoon....just clear your desk and see the security guy on the way out.

I’m guessing the finance officer walked out to his car....rambling on with his cellphone and discussing the unfairness of this firing with some friend. He probably went out and had a dozen drinks that night and cursed his stupidity over this random act.

The news guys claim that this finance guy has been a lecturer with the University of Arizona....probably a junior-junior-junior professor situation that he pocketed $500 a month for four appearances. He might be able to persuade his friends over at the university to open up some more opportunities and help him out for a year while he gets his life back in order.

The problem you got fired from a pretty upscale job. Word gets out. Folks question your common sense level. The odds of another similar job or position in three years? Zero. You might get a general budget position for $40k a year, but nothing more than that. My guess is that someone within the University of Arizona might reach but it’ll beg questions.

What I might suggest....out of good Christian for Chick-Fil-A to come forward and offer up some type of budget job for the guy....maybe not a Chief Finance Officer job, but something of a decent show their kindness of heart and ability to overlook a man’s moment of weakness. It’d show the world that Chick-Fil-A is a pretty good company to work for.

Why would I suggest such a thing? Well....I remember reading some book once....where you might ought to have forgiveness in you....that goes beyond a mortal human being’s expectations. Don’t ask about page, chapter, or “verse”....I just never remember stuff like that

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