Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Debate Situation

The three presidential campaign debates have now decided upon the moderators.  Jim Lehrer from PBS will run the first presidential debate.  The second debate is to be run by Candy Crowley, from CNN.  And Bob Schieffer will run the third debate.  Martha Raddatz, a ABC News expert on foreign affairs, will run the VP debate.

Most folks will agree that Jim Lehrer generally runs a pretty neutral operation.  The rest?  Well....it's never really neutral.  So I'm kinda wondering what the intended results might be.

First, CNN is leaning on marginal profits and a significant number of viewers have left the network.  A screw-up by Candy here and insulting the Republican candidate?  It'd probably take the last few viewers from the network.  My humble guess is that someone in the Romney campaign has figured the CNN failure here would take them totally out of picture.

Second, most folks will say that Bob Schieffer's attempts to slam Republican candidates over the past five years have been mostly failures.  If a guy just listens to Bob's questions....it's a two-star slam at best....maybe good in 1978 but it just doesn't work any longer.  As Bob tosses out these poor slams....I suspect that it'll be slammed out of the park.

Third and final, the VP debate?  As long as the entire debate can be kept to general questions on foreign affairs....VP Joe might slug out some singles, and keep the Ryan kid on the ropes.  I'm just hoping they don't mention Mongolia and VP Joe offers his wit and wisdom on those evil Mongols.  

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