Friday, 17 August 2012

The Downfall of GM

GM headed toward another stimulus deal?  Is it possible?

Rumor has it that they just can't turn around and make profit.  I went over and looked at they offer.

The Cruze?  No excitement....just a cheap-looking car.

The Volt?  The electric car with a history of issues.  Figure the charger-device at $700 and another $500 minimum for a real electrician to hook this up to your garage.  Is it all worth the money?

The Sonic?  Just a upgraded Cruze, and nothing much else.

The Malibu?'s about the only car they make....which I'd give four stars to.

The Impala?  Reports indicate it's pretty decent, but still a step behind the Malibu.

The new Camero?'s mostly all fiberglass.  I hate to admit it....but it looks like a kit car.

The Corvette?  It might be worth the money, but you need $50k just to buy a basic model.  Figure you'd need $70k for the right stuff and the taxes associated with the buy.

The Cadillac brand....still all four-star, but nobody under the age of forty will touch a Cadillac. Guys over fifty?  They buy and stay with them forever, but they tend to push their vehicle up to seven years before flipping to the next Cadillac purchase.

The Tahoe and Yukon?  Great vehicles....but they tend to all start at $50k.  If you did buy'd probably try to make it last twelve years before the next purchase.

The Colorado pick-up?  Great truck for $17k but after you toss on the gets up to $24.  Simple enough and probably a decent farm vehicle.  Would a urban guy buy it?  No.

The Silverado pick-up?  Really great truck but it starts at $29k mostly, and you can figure $35k for the options.  It's the truck for a urban guy....not a rural guy.

The Sierra pick-up?  It's what all urban guys dream of....for $40k on a base model.  The thing is.....a guy would buy it and hope to make it last twelve years, because he really wants to get his investment out of it.

The four Buick models?  They all run between $22k and $32k .  They actually sell themselves and have a pretty good reputation.  But GM doesn't want to say much about Buick because they should have died off four years ago.

At the end of this basically have a problem.  Buick and Cadillac ought to be surviving....with the Corvette and the Malibu.  After that.....nothing much from GM is worth discussing.

Note: I was not paid anything from Ford to make these comments.

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