Monday, 13 August 2012

The Fakeness of Life

So, this is what we know.....Auburn's freshman Jovon Robinson, who is bound and determined to be it's best freshman running back in the history of the in trouble.  He can't come out with the team or practice until this little problem is solved.  The issue?  Well....there appears to be a fake high school transcript....which some high school counselor has confessed to making.

Naturally, the NCAA will need at least two months to complete this, and you can figure that Jovon will not play a single game for the school.

It's hard to figure out how Jovon might fix this....maybe by dropping out of college and going back to the high repeat the last year?  He'd still be eligible to play for his old high school team yet again, and likely lead them to a state championship.  Well....maybe.

This fake transcript business?  This is an interesting topic.  Just about anyone can make a fake high school transcript and a fake college transcript.  You could fail all the way through college "A" on the first year, transfer out to some second college, and show a faked-up enter the new college.  When you screwed up after a year or two at college fake up that transcript, and head off to college three.

You want a master's degree from a fancy college.....just fake up a bad grade situation and you go onto Harvard or Yale for another degree.

The odds of them catching you?  Unless you really don't put much effort into this.....I'd be thinking it's a ninety-percent chance of getting accepted.

So I'm looking at Jovon.  It's a sad woeful tale.  The kid probably isn't rocket scientist material, but for four brief years....he could marginally get by at Auburn, and maybe get signed by the Detroit Lions to play two or three seasons, and just be happy that the good Lord gave him that brief period of luck.  As for the education involved?  Well.....we've had a bunch of idiots graduate from college, and it didn't really matter....some went onto being CEO's of failed banks and companies.....and some went onto being President or some CNN news analyst.  Life is about as fair and fake as you can get.

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