Monday, 13 August 2012

The JFK Story

If you've ever flown out of JFK New York'd realize that part of the airport is connected to the local river and bay.  Ever since 9-11, the JFK security folks have put millions into securing up the airport.  So they felt pretty comfortable things until a couple of days ago.

It seems that some guy was on a jet ski out in the bay.....with his buddies....when the jet ski stalled.  No one saw him lagging behind.  He sat there for a while, and then started swimming toward the only land that he was close to.  This happened to be JFK Airport.

So he swims up....gets onto dry land but there's nothing much there except the lights of the airport.  He starts walking.

There's this eight-foot security fence, which he climbs over.  There's this intrusion system which is supposed to pick up on movement, but never does.  The guy walks on....crossing two runways....which never cause any attention.  Finally, he gets up to one of the terminals, and enters the building.

Naturally, this comes to the attention of security finally, and they get pretty upset.  How dare some guy just beat a $100 million dollar security system?

The thing is....he'll actually face some kind of charges, maybe even federal.....but he's demonstrated that it doesn't even take a smart guy to defeat all of their security.

Plan "B"?  Well....they might electrify the fence, I'm sure that would produce some shocking results.  They might turn loose fifty cobra snakes out in the area near the fence.  They could go out and spend $300 million more on fancy upgraded security.  They might even hire roving guards, who only sleep seven hours of the eight on-duty hours.

The guy who beat all their security?  For a few brief weeks, he'll be on the TV talk-show circuit....referred to as the New York City "James Bond", and probably get some invitations to fancy parties with Lady GaGa in attendance.

The thing is.....this would be a perfect script for a Steinfeld show.  Cosmo Kramer would have done the same thing.  My script?  Kramer lands and crosses over into JFK.  He evades various security details, crosses the runway....sips coffee with six different security guys.....helps load some luggage for the Delta  crew.....puts on a pilot's outfit and spends an entire afternoon drinking free cocktails at the bar in the airport, and finally rescues some French nuns from a burning terminal.  He shows back at Jerry's place and just barely mentions that he ran out of gas with his jet ski, and just falls asleep after that.

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