Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Reid Thing

For the past week, I've watched this Harry Reid accusation against Romney.  It finally occurred to me that there is this one strange connection between the two....both are Mormons.

About five years ago....I worked with a Mormon guy, and we had a number of chats over the Mormon system.

The Mormons have a pretty long list of stringent rules.  One of them says that you must donate ten percent of your income to the church, period....before taxes, social security, etc.  I asked if there were you were heavily in debt? waivers.  You pay, or you get kicked out.

So naturally, being from Bama....I asked how they would know what your percentage amount was.  My associate grinned for a moment, and explained it in a simple fashion.  You have a meeting once a year with your bishop, and you present evidence of your income.  It might be a tax form, or various forms from your company or accountant.  The bishop would note all this info on a Mormon form, and then come to the magical amount you owed.  You'd send it by electronic or check means.

You sit and think about this.  The bishop has this form with your name, income data, and probably even your social security number.  How much security is involved in this form business?  You don't know.  Do the forms go to the central office in Salt Lake City?  You don't know.

I'm guessing Harry Reid went out two weeks ago for a Mormon conference in Utah, and met up with a guy or two....who are friendly toward the Democrats.  They pulled out Mitt's paperwork for ten years (which is odd that Harry would continually quote "ten") and everything would fall into place.

You have private and personal info....that the church simply didn't keep private.  Mitt knows that the church has screwed up and done something to harm his election chances.  I'm guessing that a number of upper-class Mormons are beginning to grasp that the Bishop and the church just aren't going to be helpful in controlling financial data.

My humble guess is that some big-wigs in the Mormon Church are meeting up this weekend, and realizing the impact of what some guy did....releasing personal financial data to Senator Harry Reid.  I'm also guessing that a minimum of a hundred millionaires in the Mormon Church have given notice that they won't play by these rules anymore because the church can't protect their personal data.

Rich folks quitting the church?  That would be the next thing I'd worry about if this whole story gets out and proven true.  You can imagine a country that relies on 300-odd millionaires for its functionality and income.....then suddenly, they walk out the front door.  The Mormon Church would have to step back and cut massively along the lines of whatever they use their income for.

I'm thinking....come Monday and Tuesday....some bishop is coming to visit Harry and tell him to shut up. If Harry pushes it....the church loses in a massive way.  As for Mitt?  I'd just keep talking.  Harry can't produce the info, and if he does....the Mormon Church will dissolve into a minor-league operation.

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