Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Tulsa Comedy

This is how things unfolded.

The deputy police chief had determined that his department needed to attend a Muslim event at a Islamic center in the local area. It kinda got fixed up as a meet-and-greet deal to start with….which kinda included a 45-minute prayer service. The original message from the deputy police chief said it was all voluntary and twenty-five of the guys under him….ought to attend. Well….no one signed up.

So some time passes and the deputy police chief now says….it’s mandatory for a supervisor and two of the guys to go along and attend. The Captain in charge of operations makes this known, but still no volunteers. There’s a problem here also….in that the Captain is a devote Christian and just wasn’t going to be a part of this whole religious ceremony…..period.

So the Deputy Chief has docked the Captain’s pay for two weeks, got the Captain onto a graveyard shift, and noted enough to keep promotion out of reach for at least a year.

Things are now simmering a bit in Tulsa….where this occurred, and the court system will get invited into the mess. It’s hard to figure what the deputy chief’s whole plan in the begging was, and which political figure was pushing on to create some theater-like situation for a news episode.

You can imagine the Channel Nine news folks…..showing 60 seconds of some video clip…..a couple of cops in uniform…..all lined up…..shaking hands with various Islamic guys. Makes for a pretty nifty gimmick. I’m guessing no one on the city council wants to admit in public that they pushed the deputy police chief on this issue.

So they will have to promise this deputy police chief a fair amount to avoid telling the whole story in court. What the Captain wants….is back-pay and put back into his normal situation…..the graveyard shift cancelled, and promotion to be back on track. I suspect the judge involved…..really doesn’t want to open a can of worms here…’d make the political party involved look bad.

The end result? The deputy police chief just stands there and acts stupid, and gets promoted in a year for being a good asset to the city council. Whoever nominates the guy for the promotion….is likely the idiot connected to the Islamic episode. The Captain gets fixed up and most of the cops on the staff will laugh over this whole thing. It’s hard to imagine how you’d run a government operation and force folks to attend some religious deal that disagrees with you. But this is America, and anything is possible….even idiot city council guys who order deputy police chiefs to do stupid things.

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