Friday, 3 August 2012

Where There's Fire.....Or Lack of Fire

It’s an odd statistic that you’d rarely ever come across....but today, they put it into the paper. Back around 1980.....there were around 2.3 million fires across America with only 200k fire-fighters. Almost every five years, we decreased the number of fires by ten percent.

Today, we have barely 1.4 million fires across America in an average year. Strangely enough....we’ve upped the number of firefighters to almost 340k (not double but going that direction with the trend).

Now, a guy would sit and ponder over this statistical situation....decreasing fires....ought to indicate a lesser need for fireman....especially over the last five years. But we have yet to stand up in various towns and communities, and start cutting firemen.

Most towns of 100k residents now have at least three fire stations in town now. You can figure at least two full-shifts revolving around each station, and various guys pulling over-time on occasion. But no one much wants to stand up in a city council meeting and suggest going to just two fire stations.

There’s other statistical thing that ought to bother you.....why fewer fires are occurring? Maybe fewer folks smoking in bed? Maybe fewer kids playing with matches? Maybe fewer leaf fires in October? Maybe fewer guys burning the trash can in their backyard? You just don’t know.

The one thing that I have come to notice now in my local that every time in Arlington that you call for an ambulance....there’s a fire-truck and crew.....that come out to accompany the ambulance. Even if it’s some old gal who slipped and fell in Piggly Wiggly.....there’s the fire-crew there.

So naturally....on the books, it’s another great appearance of the fire and rescue crew, but truthfully....they just weren’t there fighting any fire. The guys aren’t stupid about this....if you didn’t keep them occupied and seen in public....the lack of fires would come up in the local community and some idiot would demand another station close in Arlington. Luckily, you can invent various other features of the fire guys....and keeping paying them. Hopefully, no one figures out this “keep-them-busy” scheme.

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