Saturday, 15 September 2012

Just Observations

First, I sat around and looked at this video episode that got a bunch of Middle-Eastern turban guys all upset.  The talk by the media is that there is a full-up movie coming out, but this 12-minute 'clip' is all you get to Youtube.  Frankly, I have serious doubts that a movie does exist, and this 12-minute clip might be the one and only thing in existence.  The funny thing here is that none of this would matter unless they had internet over in twenty-odd Muslim countries.  Internet caused the episode to occur and get everyone all riled up.

Second....I came to find out that DisneyWorld is preparing to open up a new restaurant in the coming months with a huge new twist.....alcohol.  For forty-odd years, every single attraction, hotel and restaurant connected to the Disney operation....ran without any booze.  Course, Disney was very careful in saying that alcohol would only be sold during eating hours and would be part of the meal.  So you just couldn't walk in and ask for a beer'd have to eat with that.  It would be interesting to see if some guy walks in and asks for a cheeseburger and beer, then guzzles the first beer down within 60 seconds and asks for a second.  I'm guessing some Disney beer-counter will be in the corner and officially monitor beer consumption.

Third and final....over the last couple of days in Guatemala....there's been heavy volcanic activity.  Yes, there's potential for a major blast from Volcan del Fuego.  Local authorities have urged folks living near the volcano to just pack up and leave.  So you'd think that'd be enough to folks away....but the local now admit that tourism has picked up and lots of dimwits want to go up close to the volcano and take pictures.  It's kinda like watching a major riot and then walking into the middle of it and thinking you are completely safe.  As the days go by....I'd bet on helicopters being brought in and carrying five or six tourists up around the volcano on a hourly basis.  I'm guessing.....somewhere in L.A., there's a tourist agency gearing up some new trip to Guatemala....complete with daily trips to the volcano, and offering up a 2-star hotel episode for $999.

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