Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Neighborhood

Around two years ago....across the river from me in Maryland...was a murder.  A local school principal from Silver Springs, was murdered in his house.  For about a week, it was a big deal in the region....making the news every night.

In the end, the cops figure out that the guy was cruising around the internet looking for young guys to come over and have an evening of lust with him.  And one of these guys that he happened to hook up with.....ended up killing him, and bringing three friends over to rob the house.  We can say that the Maryland cops did a fine outstanding job in finding the four guys.

The problem was that a conviction situation was impossible....without making a deal or two.

So this kid....Joel Johnson....was brought to the side, and offered a deal where he basically walked off in a plea situation.  He would say enough to convict the kid who actually killed the principal.

Well....this week....Joel Johnson came up in the news.  He and an associate decided to rob some guy and his wife at their apartment in DC.  Joel and his buddy showed up and thought this would be simple.  In the midst of the robbery....the victim guy got wise and quick.....going after Joel.....and eventually a shot was fired, killing Joel.

I imagine that the first first cops on the scene ran the name....realized who the dead guy was, and just stood there in shock.  No one could really serve justice on Joel, because of the plea deal.  Joel could have wised up and gone off to do good things in life with this second chance.  He decided to screw up things....and ends up deal.

When you get second chances in usually make something out of the deal.  In this case.....Joel screwed up.

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