Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Neighborhood

This week....someone got this picture of a METRO truck in our local area....taking up three parking spots at some local deli.

Course, this stirs up folks around here....who are already negative about METRO, and it's work force.

Back about twenty years ago....for the Gulf War episode....I was deployed and forced into driving one of these four-door pickups with an extended bed. don't know nothing about driving a vehicle until you've handled an extended truck like this.  You have to allow yourself an extra ten foot for a turn radius situation, and you feel like you might be driving a bus.  Pulling into just one regular parking spot?  It's not possible unless you have at least one hundred feet behind that spot to make such a wide turn.

So I kinda feel sorry for the guy.  That's the best parking you can expect.....and most folks just won't be happy with that.  As for the deli stop....well....that's a different story and best not to discuss that part.

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