Friday, 28 September 2012

Real Taxes

To make some sense out of this....the French are in serious financial trouble with the government.  They finally came to this conclusion today....a new tax.  If you are "super-wealthy", that means you make one million Euro or more a year ($1.25 million dollars).  The French government need to pay a 75-percent tax....on that super wealth.  Basically, you could work as much as you want....but three-quarters of your effort would be for the government.  Why bother?

There's been a hint for weeks about this coming down.  Some British bankers have been contacted, and some indications show that rich French folks who can move out of the country....will move.  Those with business operations?  I'm guessing they will find ways to have leased cars...leased houses....leased clothing...etc, and just count it all as business expenses.

The production of movies or TV shows in France?  This might just encourage the production guys to look for other locations to film any shows or movies.  You could claim you were in Italy....thus deserving to pay only Italian taxes on this production episode.

When you reach a 75-percent might as well just stay home....drink booze....and just accept the fact that the government doesn't want you to do much of anything.

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