Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Communist Half-Time Show

This is what we know.

There's a high school band up in New Oxford, Pennsylvania.  This year, they got all busy and put together a show....Saint Petersburg, 1917.  The reference that this was the big year where Communism showed up in Saint Petersburg, Russia....dissolving away reality in the local area....and changing Russian lifestyle.

So the band had red flags, military-style uniforms, and the hammer & sickle were the key symbol leading the band.

No one much said anything within the group.  It wasn't until they did some practice episodes for their half-time show that some parent stood there in shock and realized they were celebrating Soviet Communism within the half-time show practice.

Naturally, the school board gets involved, and eventually....this directive gets passed down.  You can play the music, call it "Music of Shostakeovich" and dump the hammer/sickle episode entirely.

So far, no one with the band will say much. The school music teacher?  I'm guessing there was some strategy at work here, and folks might be curious to hear more about his or her philosophic nature. If this had happened in Bama or Mississippi....the music director would have been suspended for a week or two....but this is Pennsylvania.  

I'm guessing if no said nothing over the entire would have been easily accepted for the band to move on for the 2013 season with some Nazi-like half-time show.

For a year or two....this will be discussed around New Oxford and folks will comment on the fancy uniforms, the Russian theme, and who directed what to happen.  Eventually, it'll be forgotten for a decade or two, until some kid who was in the high school band....returns as the next music teacher and band leader.  Things tend to repeat themselves.

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