Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Debate of Debates

Earlier in the week, I kinda noticed the announcement from Fox News that O'Reilly was going to debate Comedy Central's Jon Stewart.  It's a charity deal to some extent....roughly $5 to get the debate.  It'll be run from here in the Arlington area at the local university.

While the major debates between Obama and Romney will mean something....this Stewart versus O'Reilly debate might actually mean the movement of 500k votes in one direction or the other.  I'm guessing that a major number of college students will pay attention to the debate, and that both individuals might get a point of significance into the discussion.

The chance that O'Reilly might win the debate?  Zero.  The chance that Stewart might win?  Zero.  I expect a fair amount humor to be displayed and some serious questions to be left out for people to think about for the remaining campaign.  The truth is....probably half the college students in America could be persuaded to lean over and go a different direction in November.

So this comical debate might mean something in the end....which is sad in a way.

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