Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Drug Smiles

About six months ago, everyone started to become accustomed to the new drug trend....bath salts.  Basically, you end up taking your clothing off and acting goofy.  It was pretty easy to note these guys within the news stories.

Now, there's another new drug....smiles.  The way this works, you start to have these hallucinations, which run from days.  At some point, when you really overdose on smiles, you start to foam at the mouth, act like the devil has possessed you, and eventually knock your head against the wall, the floor or some tree.

You can imagine this at some city park.  Some kid is acting weird....yelling about goats attacking him.  Then after a while, you notice that he's foaming at the mouth, and you start thinking this has to be rabies or such.  Then finally, he's knocking his head against some park bench until he's knocked out or dead.

A guy can get the basic materials....start a lab in his garage, and be making $20k of the stuff each week to sell.  As long as he doesn't get addicted to the stuff....he can probably retire in two years with a good amount of money.  

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