Friday, 21 September 2012

The Times

Yeah, is true.

For the famous Abu Ghraib prison episode from eight years ago....the New York Times featured the story on the front page forty-seven times, and thirty-two days were consecutive days.

For the killing of the American ambassador in Libya?  Yeah, it was featured on page one....two days after the event, and has not been on the front page since that day.

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole story.  They just can't squeeze more "big" impact out of the story....unlike the Abu Ghraib prison episode.  Investigative analysis?  They can't even find some guy on the street of Libya to add commentary to the ambassador story.

Well....yeah....folks do wonder why subscriptions are lower than a decade ago and why folks just don't read newspapers much anymore.

Well....yeah....folks, if given a choice.....probably would pick up a USA Today Newspaper quicker, than the New York Times.

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