Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Way It Works

On my trip back to Germany....I ended up spending a number of days at the "new" a upscale neighborhood of Wiesbaden.  Across the street....there's a guy who is in his mid-50's and was part of a restructure effort apparently, and recently let go from a management position.

He spent several hours a day....taking care of his small lawn and the plants around the property.  He's staying busy, for the most part.

The odds of another job?'s less than a fifty-percent chance that he'll ever be offered another job.  If he is offered a'll be a severe challenge and a difficult atmosphere to move into.  I'm guessing they will run the guy through twelve months of unemployment, then offer him a training situation for six months....although there's no real training program that would fit a guy like this within the German system.  Typically, they want to push you through an Excel or Word learning program.  That doesn't help much in the management or executive department.

Around two years from now....I suspect the German unemployment office will reach a point and just say that the guy can never get another job....offer him a welfare situation (when he spends all his personal fortune), and at age 66....offer him a pension.

It's a sad end to a guy's chances in life.  It'll take at least two years for the unemployment office to admit to the guy that his chances are zero.  He'll go through the motions.....sip a cup of free coffee at the unemployment office once a week....and listen to optimistic employment counselors as they urge him to stay positive.  He knows the score....this game can't end with a victory.  But he has to go through the motions anyway.

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