Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I rarely comment on football. To be honest, I might watch one game a weekend during the season.  I did end up catching part of the Seattle - Green Bay game on Monday night, which ended being one of the discussed games at the office in recent history.

The NFL is apparently on this bad situation with replacement ref's because of a pay discussion going on with the "real" refs.  The replacement refs showed up at the game, and probably delivered one of the worst games in NFL history.  You could have done just as good by drafting up eight US Senators and just putting on the field to call the game.

By the next day....NFL headquarters kinda agreed, the Green Bay squad should have won....but history has been written.....Seattle won instead.

Course, this all got Green Bay folks upset.  Last night, the local weather station ran a piece with a replacement weather guy.....who promptly issued out a weather warning of a thunder-blizzard-hurricane on the way, then predicted morning temperatures at minus-200 degrees.  The real weather guy then stepped in, kicked the replacement guy out, and corrected everything.  I'm guessing some guys are probably still asking if the thunder-blizzard-hurricane warning is still in effect....if they should evacuate to Michigan....and if they ought to go ahead and put snow-chains on.

In a bad situation, it's good to have a sense of humor about things like this.  To be truthful....the minute you get into an argument, and management pulls out a replacement crew....things generally go downhill fast.  The odds of the NFL bringing back the real refs by this weekend?  I'd take a guess at fifty-fifty at this point.  There's probably some pressure building on the issue, and at least a hundred phonecalls a day coming into the commissioners office.

As for the thunder-blizzard-hurricane?  If there was such a thing, it'd be best to pick up several cases of Pabst-Blue Ribbon beer, as many packs of hot dogs as you can carry, and get a decent snow shovel.

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