Friday, 21 September 2012

Trying to Make Sense

It's hard to make sense in this vast world.

First, we found out today that the State Department sent some guy into Pakistan with $70k in find open TV commerical moments, and advertise this piece where the US "agrees" that the lousy anti-Islam video produced in California offends us as well.  You can imagine Husna, a mild-mannered Pakistani gal sitting there doing the dishes....when this thirty second ad comes on.....explaining how America hates the anti-Islam video too.  How far does $70k go in the Pakistani TV world?  Well....the State Department isn't explaining that part of the deal.  I'm thinking you probably can buy forty spots in the prime-time period with the midst of the Pakistani airing of Knight Rider or Baywatch.

Second, someone is reporting Monica (of Bill fame) trying to peddle a book on her affair with Bill.  Comments indicate that she wants the big money and is going to admit spoke greatly of threesomes, sex toys, and some really negative commentary over Hillary.  This is all supposed to be worth $12 million on the book market.  Frankly, I do't kow what idiot would care about this....and pay $15 for a Monica book.

Third, sixteen Amish guys and women were convicted today of hate-crimes.  The issue?  Forced hair and beard cuts.  This was some radical group....up in the Ohio area....that felt their brothers and sisters in the local community were straying too far from "standard".  They likely will get some jail time...the more extreme cases will go up to the ten-year period apparently.  Hard to say what happens after they get released.  I kinda doubt that the jail system has ever had a case like this and Amish guys in jail might be something of a change.

Fourth and final....."Newman" from Seinfeld (Wayne Knight) has been hired to play Santa Claus in some New York City play.  Having watched Newman so many's hard to imagine the guy being Santa. To be honest, I have him permanently etched into my mind as a postal guy, period.

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