Sunday, 16 September 2012

TV: Revolution?

I sat and watched the initial show of Revolution last night.  The new season has started and I thought this might be one of the better new shows.....I was wrong.

The premise here, is that all the electrical power in the world has been turned "off".  This includes flashlights, car engines, jets, and chainsaws.  There's no real explanation for this total blackout except some scientist rushing home.....telling the wife they've got ten minutes before the event, and then it all happens.  The scene closes with a total blackout and then a script at the bottom says fifteen years have now passed.

What then occurs is this tribal-like atmosphere that exists....with militia groups and robbers running around....while some fine outstanding folks just living off the land.

Without explaining how the blackout occurred or effected everything.....even chainsaws....I just sat there mostly in a daze.  I'll probably watch the second and third hopes of some explanations, but I frankly don't expect this show to survive more than one season.  It's a loser....mostly for an impossible story.

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