Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Squirt or Two

Cops came up in Connecticut....noticing someone driving with issues apparently.  They pull the gal over, and eventually arrest her. DWI.

The thing is....which she admits....she had gotten drunk off hand sanitizer.  Yep, the stuff you buy at Wal-Mart or Piggly fear of getting germs at work and you constantly rub your hands with the stuff to kill bugs.

The alcohol content?  It's roughly seventeen percent.  The cops figure she had about half a get into the state of drunkenness that she was in.      You can generally buy a 40 oz bottle of the stuff for roughly $4.  A bottle of Jack Daniels?  You can figure around $18.

The TV station that related this story (the WTNH folks).....figured up the consumption level, and she had roughly 32 shots of booze, for $2.

A guy could look over this event and ask some pretty deep questions.  Just how safe is hand sanitizer to drink?  Will it destroy your gut?  Should we card folks who buy the stuff?  If real alcoholics figure this out....could they destroy the value of booze throughout buying $4 bottles of hand sanitizer?

Years ago....I had to go off to Gulf Storm, and a general rule was booze in the war front.  It was a shocker to a number of guys who suddenly flew into a place and they couldn't have the daily six-pack of beer or half-a-bottle of Jim Beam.  The Air Force had to immediately start rehab (while at the deployment site) for dozens of NCOs.  At some point, it was commented that some guys had figured out the use of gargle, or mouthwash.....would give you a buzz.  Course, it was also quickly pointed out that it'd mess up your stomach big-time.  That didn't really stop guys from using the stuff though.

The comical side of this is that some minister will read this story, and make a whole sermon up this weekend that parents need to observe their kids, and their potential use of hand sanitizer.  It might be a terrible thing to abuse.   Heck, you might end up on Doctor Phil one day....admitting to your use of hand sanitizer.

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