Monday, 15 October 2012


Arlen Specter passed on this weekend.  There are various things a guy could say about the ex-Senator from Pennsylvania....but the media turned it over and made some compromising comments.

Arlen, if you didn't know....was the 'great centralist' the journalist's comments, he was able to bring compromise to the Senate.

You have to understand a few minor details here.  When Arlen started out as a political figure for the state of 1951 as a Democrat.  That lasted for roughly fourteen years (1965), when he found this nifty race existing as the Philadelphia DA.  He flopped over on the party, became a Republican overnight, and shocked the party establishment by winning the DA's race.

Naturally, Democrats around Philadelphia were upset about this.

In 1980....he came to run for Senator for the state, and won the race.  For four terms....he served as a Republican Senator.  So when the Republican Party came around and put endorsements up in 2004 for a real Republican contender to run against him....he was fairly shocked.  He dumped the Republican Party, and ended up running as a Democrat.

Naturally, Republicans in the state were fairly upset by this.

Most folks would examine his record and say he blended more as a 60-percent Democrat....40-percent Republican.  I don't think either party was that happy around Arlen because he was more than capable of flipping on some topic.

So it is interesting now to hear this 'glorious' commentary by news media guys....over the great 'centralist'.   The other side to this story is that he really didn't have that strong point on going out and convincing various people from opposition parities to form up on some topic.

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